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Dulwich International
Model United Nations

Security Council

The Security Council seeks to promote world peace, engaging with the most critical issues facing the security of the world. 

The topics for this committee are:




Rachel Chi

Hello delegates!


Welcome to DIMUN XIV. I’m Rachel, a student at Dulwich College Beijing, and I am honoured to serve as your chair for the Security Council. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, and I will ensure that I can fully guide you through SC (the best committee of them all!).


When I first joined MUN, I remember thinking that it was just a debate club for politics students, but I could not have been more wrong: MUN is a multidisciplinary activity where debate, public speaking, current affairs, critical thinking, and social skills align. I can assure you that it is a rewarding experience that will be remembered as a highlight in your school years, as well as the best possible teacher of diplomacy over conflict and collaboration over competition. MUN has become an integral part of my student life and I hope it will become - or continue to be - the same for all of you.


With that said, I look forward to meeting you all in March!

Lian Choi

Hello Delegates,


Welcome to DIMUN XIV! My name is Lian Choi, currently attending Dulwich College Beijing as Year 12 (Junior). It is my honor to serve you as the Student Officer of the Security Council this year. 


I hope this year’s DIMUN can be the opportunity to share and discuss your invaluable solution with many other delegates, sharing the same intense desire as you to resolve worldwide issues around us. To me, MUN was one of the most fantastic opportunities to develop my proficiencies in countless aspects. Therefore, I also hope you gain priceless skills such as public speaking, organization of thoughts, and maintenance of composure. Furthermore, I want you to remember that MUN is a perfect chance to build new connections with people from numerous schools and develop your social connections as well. 


But even though what I mentioned above is essential, I believe it is most vital for you to just enjoy MUN! Have a fruitful and fun time during this year’s DIMUN; see you all soon!

SC Resolutions

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