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Dulwich International
Model United Nations

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Dulwich International
Model United Nations

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Rachael Ho


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Olivia Kim


Honourable directors, fellow student officers, and most welcome delegates, I am Olivia Kim, co-secretary General for the 14th Dulwich International Model United Nations conference. As a Year 12 student at DCB, this will be my fourth and final year in MUN. 


Model United Nations has always held a special place in my heart. It is where I have nurtured my passion for debate and exploration and where I have learned through thick and thin to grow into the person I am now. The me of four years ago, argumentative and eagre, could never have imagined all the intricacies that populate this world of ours without MUN. It has gifted me with the experience of debating with hundreds of incredible people with equally unbelievable ideas: and as discussions compounded, these people eventually opened my eyes to a world beyond the restrictions of everything I considered familiar - my understanding of the global community was shifted permanently. From mere ideas discussed in textbooks, the connections I forged through MUN helped me to realise that the greater mechanisms of our world lie in the hands of the people that populate it. 


The future is an unpredictable, volatile concept that none of us own; however, the people surrounding us hold the key to creating a better one. Regardless of whatever is to come, I sincerely hope that through this conference, you will be able to take your first step into a ready, brilliant community: to all participants, DIMUN XIV is waiting with open arms.


S0phie Sun

Deputy Secretary General

Honorable directors, fellow student officers, and distinguished delegates and guests!


I am Sophie Sun, and it’s my pleasure to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General for the fourteenth annual DIMUN conference. As a current year 12 student, this will be my fourth year in MUN.


MUN has played a massive role in building my voice, from being too scared to speak up at my first conference to using all my courage to ask a single POI. To now, organizing these conferences, teaching others, and preparing them for their journeys ahead. Outside conferences it has shaped me as a person. I am no longer afraid of others disagreeing, voicing my opinions, and debating on what I believe in. My MUN journey has brought me the confidence I have today in my identity and views.


As part of the secretariat for the upcoming conference, I hope this conference can be an opportunity for delegates to enjoy the experience of learning to build their own voice and gain the confidence to stand firm about who they are. DIMUN was one of my first conferences, and I am honored to be a part of carrying on to provide this experience to all of you attending. See you in March! 

Hillary Tian

Deputy Secretary General

Hello fellow delegates! My name is Hillary Tian and I am honored to be your Deputy Secretary-General for DIMUN XIV. I hope everyone who attend this conference will have fruitful debates, widen your horizon and leave ever-lasting fond memories.


Personally, MUN always had a special place in my heart. I have a strong passion and fervor whenever I am part of a debate, or engaging in these exhilerating but intellectual conversations. It is the charisma of MUN, it allows us to learn and experience the events in the past from any part of the world through impersonation and simulation, a creative and great way to explore or complex and everchanging world.


My top tip for you is to challenge yourself and others during the conference, explore new perspectives but also to have fun and meet new people and friends. With that being said, see you all in March!

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