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Dulwich International
Model United Nations

Environment Commission

The Environment Commission seeks to protect the environment and the people who depend on it. 

The topics for this committee are:





A Jin Chang


John Park

Hello, delegates!

I am A Jin Chang, a junior attending the International School of Tianjin. It is my utmost honor to serve you as a chair of the Environment Commission in DIMUN XIV. 


DIMUN XIV marks my 10th conference, 3rd as a chair. The Environment Commission is the committee that I feel the most attachment to because I have been part of 7 conferences in the Environment Commission. Therefore, I wish my experience and knowledge gained from past conferences can contribute to the success of delegates. I truly wish delegates to take this opportunity to enhance their leadership, public speaking skills and expand knowledge on various environmental issues through fruitful debates (as well as making new friends!) 


See you all at the conference ☺️

  Hello, my name is John Park, and I am a year 11 at Dulwich College Beijing. I will be chairing for the Environment Commission, supporting the delegates' debate in the upcoming DIMUN. I look forward to seeing all the delegates soon!

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