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Bridging Divides


March 17 - 19, 2023

Honourable MUN Directors, esteemed delegates, respected committee Chairs and welcomed guests,

The thirteenth annual Dulwich International Model United Nations conference (DIMUN XIII) will be held at Dulwich College Beijing from the 17th to the 19th of March 2023.

Dear all, we invite you to boost the nature of progress and change, examine the systems we have long accepted as just and seek solutions that will fulfill the need for ethics and sustainability. With a growing legacy of 13 years, the annual DIMUN conference serves to provide curious middle school students with the opportunity to discover and experience MUN from a young age.  DIMUN is an amazing opportunity for students to immerse themselves in an engaging introduction to public speaking and current affairs, whilst meeting students from other countries and schools, and sharing their opinions on some of the crucial problems surrounding our world today. This, we believe, is essential to expand students' global awareness, and build empathy towards our neighbouring communities. 

At DIMUN XIII, delegates will be debating a total of 12 topics in six different committees. The conference will be supported by experienced Key Stage 4/5 (high school) chairs, the tech team, the admin team, and the DIMUNITE press team, led by Secretaries-General Eric Cho and Eva Chan as well as Deputy Secretaries-General Rachael Ho and Lily Wang.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or any questions regarding the conference at:

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 Mission Statement 

Welcome to DIMUN XIII: Bridging Divides


The League of Nations was founded in 1920, and the United Nations in 1945. Throughout modern history, the world sought peace and unity, especially after the devastation that World War I and II brought upon humanity. Nonetheless, as history repeats itself, our endless mistakes and conflicts pile on, subsequently widening the crevices that divide our world to the point where the world needs new solutions/bridges to connect us. This is where our theme comes into place: bridging divides. 

Nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion: a multitude of differences divide us, often times fostering hatred and hostility for those that are not within our “group”. It is this hatred that underlies the crevices that divide us, hindering the world from embracing diverse interests and joining forces to resolve the numerous global crises occurring concurrently today. 

With hopes to address this urgent matter at hand, we look forward to a prolific conference in this upcoming March. We invite all passionate delegates, chairs, and directors to coalesce and participate in this cumulative effort to address the discordance that is contaminating our world, all the while promoting unity, peace, and security.

Message from the Founders

Honourable Directors, Distinguished Chairs, and most of all Esteemed Delegates, The Dulwich International Model United Nations (DIMUN) conference was created to bring MUN to students often considered too young to fully understand, appreciate, and participate in the complexities of politics, debates, and problem-solving. When we came up with the idea for DIMUN, at around sixteen years old, we had already attended several Model UN conferences around the Asia Pacific and knew that this perception was completely wrong. 

DIMUN was therefore founded to provide opportunities for Key Stage 3 (middle school) to experience Model UN in an academically rigorous but supportive environment, with the guidance that new delegates and directors deserve. At the heart of the DIMUN experience is the belief that MUN should be by and for students, and that with open minds, curiosity, and creativity, students are willing and able to rise to every challenge.

Miranda Melcher

Founder of DIMUN

Secretary-General DIMUN I, February 2011

President of DIMUN, 2009-2012

Dulwich College Beijing Class of 2012 

Benjamin Tan

Secretary-General DIMUN II, February 2012

President of DIMUN, 2012-2013

Dulwich College Beijing Class of 2013

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